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Our magic is turning your business process into a custom business application

Think Tank

We consult small and medium size companies on how to digitalize their business. Providing certified technical knowledge and more than a decade of experience we turn your ideas into a performing business application.

Creative heads are waiting to work together on your ideas.

Business Process Analysis & Design:
What is your business about? Tell us about it!

Software Strategy:
Make or Buy, Provider Selection, Software Architecture & Interface Design.

Software Lab

We do what we promise. Turn your ideas into a software product.

Application Design:
Starting from the user experience and crucial business goals.

Custom Development:
Building on our bundle -orangutan- to kick-start the project and provide a running prototype from the very start.

Mobile Application:
Native applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Customizing your CRM or building apps on the Force.com platform

Power House

Improve the results you get from your application, provide guidance and jump into the fire. Let us make sure your application is running smoothly and efficiently.

Your staff wants to get the maximum out of your applications.

Running secure and stable web applications is our daily business.

Ensuring stability, providing advice when needed, managing your data and monitoring key processes and figures.

Our Team

We are a team of creative and ambitious professionals: Our strength is to understand your business challenges and shape applications to support your goals. Our staff of software engineers, application designers and software consultants is continuously looking for new challenges.

Are you creative, smart and proactive? Then check out our openings to become member of our team in Frankfurt or Montevideo

Job Openings

Arne Brammertz: CEO & Customer contact


Co-Founder & CEO

Martin Mochetti: Head of Development


Head of Development

Guillermo Kreer: Support coordinator


Support Coordinator

Sebastian Parolin: Developer



Philipp Pajak: Developer



Rocio Lagomarsino: Multimedia Designer


Multimedia Designer

Gonzalo Prego: UX/UI Designer


UX/UI Designer

Danilo Garcia: Developer



Martín Rifón: Developer



Gabriela Peluffo: Developer


Senior Software Engineer

Erik Dietz: Developer



Our costumer is consider a team member for close collaboration

Close collaboration is key to the success of our products.


Team Member

Our Mission

We are passionate about our work and work results.


When it comes to app design and development there is never only one solution to reach a goal. Our magic is to build a solution that not only represents your needs, but also supports your vision.


We start with our customer’s business challenge and user experience. From that we work back to the technology. The wide skill set of our team allows the utilization of various web technologies. Among others we work with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, Javascript, AJAX, APEX. Frameworks used are Laravel, Symphony or Phuice.
We also develop software for multiple platforms such as , , , SalesForce and of course, the web.

Project Approach

A custom application requires a close cooperation between the client and our magicians. An agile development approach is as important as thorough documentation, understanding and analysis of your business reality.


Every project is budget driven. Excellent application design is not science fiction but focuses on the crucial business needs of the clients. We provide high-quality solutions for your success at a competitive rate.

Our Projects

The variety of our projects demonstrates our ability to get our heads around your business and apply various technolgies. Find out more.

Our Labs

DESIGN-IT-Labs is our small contribution to the open source community. Evolution comes after sharing and spreading the knowledge

  • LaravelRatchet Chat
    LaravelRatchet Chat The idea is to integrate Ratchet web sockets with a Laravel 5 simple application and implement a chat that uses web sockets.
    Martin Mochetti
  • Anton Project: Group Trourism Platform
    monkeyTables monkeyTables are a set of PHP and JavaScript libraries with the necessary styling, to provide you with a simple and effective package, that will allow you to create powerful tables directly made from your database.
    Philipp Pajak
  • LaravelRatchet Chat
    Hands on with ionic 2 This small proof of concept application should show the general development workflow of an Ionic WebApp and as well give you the chance to see the performance in action.
    Philipp Pajak

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Unser BLOG


Laravel UY Meetup

by Martín Rifón on 30 May 2016

On May 25th, the second ever Laravel UY Meetup was held at out offices in Montevideo. Meetups are a gathering of people in a city for the purpose of discussing a subject, and this one was a great opportunity for the Laravel community in Uruguay to learn, improve, share a drink and have a good time. These Meetups are also ideal for making sure developers stay up to date with the latest this great framework has to offer. We look forward to hosting more of these events.



by Arne Brammertz on 10 March 2016

DB-Gruppen.de has gone live!
Group trips are a highly complex product. In February 2016 a new online catalog for DB Klassenfahrten & Gruppenreisen went live. It allows the visitor to select accommodation, transportation and program services to configure his individual group trip. Connected to our group travel platform BRAVO, the online catalog calculates availabilities and prices on the fly. In an intuitive check out process the visitor can submit a request for his desired group trip.


Planning a trip has never been easier

by Rocío Lagomarsino on 06 November 2015

TripHop has gone live - an internet platform help you plan, book and conduct group tours. With a few click you can compare prices and choose between alternative services such as accommodation, transportation and program.
Enjoy creating group and school trips.

Create your first group trip with TripHop by clicking here


Visit us in one of our offices in Frankfurt or Montevideo or just shoot us an email. We are looking forward to working with you.

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