COVID-19 Symptom Tracker – a study

von Arne Brammertz am 16. Apr. 2020

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Last week the DESIGN-IT together with experts from the University Medical Center Freiburg released the mobile app COVID-19 Symptom Tracker available for iOS. The app is a mobile study whose aim is to better understand COVID-19 symptoms through anonymized data of volunteers. The basis for the mobile study is a tool, also developed by DESIGN-IT, namely




The app is composed of an eligibility test (17+ years) and a consent process, followed by an initial questionnaire, which assesses the participant’s medical history regarding a possible infection with COVID-19. Once these steps are completed, the participant can track his symptoms daily. The data gained is used solely for research purposes and is the basis for a better understanding of the symptoms and possible developments of the disease. We kindly invite you to check out the information about the app and take part in the study. Thank you!


The platform on which the app is based, enables users to create a study for browsers and apps in minutes using a modular principle. allows great flexibility, meaning that researchers can create a variety of study paths according to each possible scenario and answering the pattern of the study subjects. Single questionnaires can be set as a one-time questionnaire, while others can be triggered customarily every day, week, or month; depending on the purpose of the whole study.



Specific types of questions (yes/no, multiple choice etc.) help to improve collected data and each question can also be set with conditional transitioning, depending on the answer path and focus of the study. Once the study is published, you can monitor the process in your account but also download the results. does not try to be an analysis tool, as we believe that researchers have each their own set of tools for this; provides them therefore with the collected data.


Participants can be invited via imported email addresses, custom links or study codes or as in the case of the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker via a custom participant app.


The next step for the COVID-19 app is to release the app for Android users on the Play Store. This would enable a larger participant pool because the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker is available also in the following languages: German, English, French and Spanish.

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