Design Thinking methods @DESIGN-IT : (9) Feedback capture grid

von Emma-Katharina David am 24. Aug. 2018

Week 9 here at DESIGN-IT. This week is all about correct and fair feedback in a structured grid. The „Feedback Capture Grid“ method is based on four quadrants labeled with easy understandable symbols, that are used as categories for the feedback. It is very useful for written, formal or prepared feedback since it is a written process.


Task: Either as an on-demand feedback gathering or internally after an external testing session, team member have to prepare in groups feedback on a selected project by using the four categories of the grid. They can do this virtually or on a white board with post-its. The symbols are as follows: [ plus ] Likes (positive feedback), [ lightbulb] Ideas (gathered during presentation), [ triangle ] Criticisms (constructive negative feedback), [ question mark ] Questions.


One time, each should moderate the session by explaining the method, if needed, and making sure the session focuses on the task. Next all members should be feedback givers and try to fill out each quadrant at least once.


Goal: Goal is not only to learn how a constructive and fair feedback should look like, but also to get the team involved in projects where not everyone is part of. As the roles switch, team strength and team work should be built up.


Read more about our experience below.


During the feedback session discussion on the projects involved was sparked and a lot of new insights found. Team members filled the grid with feedback and ideas as well as questions were written down.


„It makes you think harder. Otherwise you might skip some aspects of the problem, just because you like or dislike it.“



Most of the team members liked the dynamic aspect of it. They liked the fact that it forces them to think about all facts. Otherwise during random feedback sessions you do not always provide constructive negative feedback maybe and focus only on positive aspects or the other way around.


What they agree on is that the constant role changing was a bit challenging and confusing. They agreed that it is best for these kind of feedback sessions to have one constant moderator who takes notes and leads the conversation witout changing roles.


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