Design Thinking methods @DESIGN-IT : (2) Character profiles

von Emma-Katharina David am 06. Juli 2018

This weeks design thinking method is about character profiles. This method is used to gain insight into the product by the perspective of an end user. Empathy therefore is a key component.


„Character profiles“ is based on fictional characters from data research on real end users. By interviewing and observing a target group a persona is created to represent this end user.


Task: The team will receive information on these fictional characters. Based on these information and from the perspective of the chosen character they will then have to evaluate one of our product or current designs and projects.


Goal is to gain empathy towards our customer. Re-evaluating the product from other perspectives is also task of this method. Read more below abou our experience.


After finishing this session team members have again the chance to give feedback. What all agree upon is following:


“ You are forced to focus on the user, so you leave aside your preferences.“


Generally this method is received well within our team. It gives a fresh perspective on how to understand a product. 


But they also raise some doubts regarding this method:


  • suitability for support tickets
  • missing information for the completiness of the profiles
  • can be time consuming to merge all users into a profile.


All things considered team members recognize the importance of taking the time to think about the end users and to try things from different perspectives when developing a new functionality or a new app.

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