Design Thinking methods @DESIGN-IT : (3) Customer journey

von Emma-Katharina David am 13. Juli 2018

This weeks method is called „Customer journey“. The journey of an end user throughout a certain product stands in focus of this method. Goal of our team is to foster product understanding and empathy towards our customer.


Task: Using the personas of last weeks „Character profiles“ teams on a specific project will be formed. Our team members will have to draw and fill out the journey map of a persona using one specific use case of an app of choice. Team members will have to put themselves in the shoes of the end user.


Goal is for team members to gain better understanding of end users and foster empathy.


Read more below about our experience using this method.


Generally the team likes the idea of using a customer journey.  It makes them think of the product in a hollistic way. They realize they empathize more with the end user by using these journey maps.

„You can put yourself in the customer shoes at any and all stages of product usage experience.“

What they are worried about is that by focusing on a particular case, they might miss out other more important steps of the software.

Others think that this particular method can be time consuming and long. Therefore used only in particular cases is more relevant.

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