Design Thinking methods @DESIGN-IT : (10) Five Finger feedback

by Emma-Katharina David on 31 Aug 2018

Tenth week here at DESIGN-IT with another interesting feedback giving method. This weeks method is called “Five finger feedback“. This is another fun and creative way to gather fast, ondemand and informal feedback.


Goal: By assigning each finger a specific meaning quick but structured feedback can be achieved. Team member will give feedback on a chosen project.


Task: Here is the meaning of each finger when using this type of feedback. This can be provided written (by drawing a hand) or at oral feedback sessions.


  • Thumb: Like showing thumbs up, its associated with what the feedback giver really liked.
  • Index finger: Something noticed which the person would like to point out.
  • Middle finger: This is associated with negative comment. But it should be done in a constructive way, by mentioning also the parts which the feedbacker giver liked in relation with the critical point.
  • Ring finger: Connection or emotional part of the feedback can be mentioned here. What the feedbacker giver likes and would like to keep and what not can be mentioned here.
  • Little finger: Here parts which did not get enough attention should be reminded or what was missing from the feedback givers perspective.


Read more below about our experience and oppinion testing this method.


Team members expressed their enthusiasm for this funny way of giving feedback. They liked it in their sessions, where the team members had to give remote feedback in live calls.


For some members it was not clear from the beginning what to associate to the index finger and what to the little finger. While others said that it is similar to the one before, “Feedback grid” and for them that one is more logic then this one.


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