Design Thinking methods @DESIGN-IT : (6) A beginner’s mind

by Emma-Katharina David on 05 Aug 2018

This weeks method is derived from Zen Buddhism. “Beginner’s mind” is a state of openness and lack of preconceptions. It is a design thinking tool used in the process of ideation. It is said that through developing expert knowledge in a field, we also automatically apply assumptions, perceptions and stereotypes with it.


Goal: This method is used in order to discover new, maybe before unseen solutions. Last but not least it is also a great tool to empathise with beginners. By questioning assumptions, but without judging, and opening oneself towards the new, it is believed that innovation is a step closer.


Task: Team members have to apply this method either themselves or by asking a real beginner. They can use it for ideation or for validating certain prototypes and ideas.


Read more about our experience below.

Team members agree on the fact that this method challenged their mindset and gave some new perspectives on how to deal with their every day life but also with the work within the company.


They issued some concern regarding the ambiguity of the task. Team members said, they were not sure at some point how to begin, or if they begun good and how to approach the task at hand.


An interesting fact was raised during the feedback session.Most of the team members realized that they have been already using this method when developing new functionalities or designs and also in discussion with our customers. They just have not heard until now that it was formalized in a design thinkin method.


All in all most of them are quite sure they will use this method even more after this session.

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