Your digital patient record

Collect and organize all your health data in one place. Give your doctor targeted access.

Briefly summarized
  • Digital patient records
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with various file formats
  • Individually controlled release of data
  • German data security
UI/UX Design Vision
Technologies used


Our customer approached us with an idea and a sketch of his vision. He wanted to enable patients to have their medical records with them wherever they were – without a heavy, overcrowded folder. He wanted to save patients and doctors from working through paper mountains to find relevant findings. Why can not one digitize the information without taking control of the patient’s data? That is how the idea of DoctorBox came into being.


Our team has developed the concept of an app taking the vision of our customer. In addition to the digitization of medical findings and other documents, the idea of a patient record has been broadened. The user or the patient should be able to record other data relevant to the physician: If there are allergies or intolerances, what medications does the patient take over which period, how do symptoms develop over time? How can we help the patient collect this information and the doctor to retrieve the data relevant to him? Can an app help to optimize medical care?

Based on the concept, a design for a user interface was developed. It provides ease of use and gives users a sense of security and control over their data. The user can add findings, record medications and document symptoms daily in just a few steps. Together with his health profile, the user has all relevant data in one place. Of course, the next doctor’s appointment can be created. At the doctor, the user can decide what information he wants to share with the doctor. The doctor can check the shared file via an individual link and a password.

To validate the designs, UI tests and user interviews were conducted. So we could further customize the design prototype and approach the final version.

DOCTORBOX im Apple AppStore

  • Digital patient records
  • Everything can be stored in one place.
  • Easy handling
  • Our design offers easy usability of the app.
  • Medical appointments
  • Doctor appointments can easily be added.
  • Symptoms and medication
  • Do not miss the treatment appointment and add medication, as well as describe certain symptoms.
  • Sharing and access
  • The owner determines who has access to his file.
  • UI Tests & Interviews
  • To improve the design prototype, we performed UI tests.
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