Outgoing Preparation Seminar

For our customer AIESEC we redesigned the platform which enables young people to prepare for their experience abroad.

Briefly summarized
  • Easy to use
  • Ongoing interaction
  • Positive reinforcement
  • AIESEC Way
Prozessoptimierung UI/UX Design Web Entwicklung
Verwendete Technologien


AIESEC offers internships and social projects in foreign countries for young people. It offers projects in over 20 countries for which people can apply through their platform. If their interview is successful and both parties are satisfied it comes to a match. AIESEC helps the candidate throughout this process. This means not only matching with the ideal internship or social project but also helping the candidate in preparing for the upcoming travel.


For this reason they developed the platform called AIESEC-OPS (Online Preparation Seminar). It is an online course for the participants to prepare for their upcoming engagement. Goal of this project is to get people engaged to learn more about the culture they are about to dive in.


DESIGN-IT developed an intuitive platform with a supportive design for a more in depth learning. The questionnaires are accompanied by checkup quizes at the end of each chapter, pictures and /or videos.


The system follows a user friendly and dynamic flow, to keep the particpants attention and focus on the lesson. Videos and pictures accompany the lessons for a more fun learning process.


  • User friendly design
  • The design follows to capture the users attention while learning.
  • Videos / pictures
  • The learning process is accompanied by videos and pictures.
  • Quiz
  • After finishing a lesson of a chapter the user has a checkup questionnaire to follow up on the lesson.
  • AIESEC way
  • The redesigned platform follows the AIESEC way and design.
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