CallOne Salesforce Connect

Fully integrated CTI telephony with Salesforce

CallOne Salesforce Connect is a CTI connector for Salesfore Lightnting and Classic that integrates a CTI softphone directly in your Salesforce interface.

Briefly summarized
  • Click-to-call
  • Caller indentification
  • Call records
  • Call center features
  • Higher productivity
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Technologies used


CallOne is providing custom call center solutions. As Salesforce,com CRM plays an important role for its clients CallOne was looking for a telephony integration to increase productivity and further improve customer service.


Support and Sales teams have a great amount of phone calls everyday. When a customer calls they look up customer details and communication history in their CRM system. When the CRM and the telephony system are disconnected, this step is done manually, prone to errors and takes time and effort. The same holds true when they have to call a customer. An agent first looks up the contact details in the CRM and to copy the phone number to his telephony system. Coomunication history is not available or not connected to other customer information.


This can take up a few importants seconds, especially when answering a phone and not knowing immediately who is on the other line.


Therefore we developed for our customer a CTI phone connector which plays not only the role of CRM but also of an integrated telephone. Incoming calls pop up directly on the screen, and if a match is found with the phone number, the contact details are shown for a faster response rate.


In turn support and sales representatives can easily initiate a call by clicking on the phone number in the contact details. They can also transfer a call to another agent, and all these are tracked in the call logs with an option to write notes during a call.


Your Sales team has therefore improved working performance, which then leads to customer satisfaction and overall process optimization with everything needed in one place.

  • Click-to-Call
  • Easily initiate calls by clicking on the phone number in the contact sheet


  • Call logs
  • Incoming, outgoing and missed call tracking with real time note function (status, duration, start, end)


  • Call transfer
  • Calls can easily be transferred to the right agent


  • Easy installation
  • Call log import option



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